Purchasing an instrument

The making of instruments always has been connected to the desires and needs of musicians, composers and ultimately the audience. This is still true today. In fact we live in a time where many great string instruments are being made around the world.

You may choose to commission a Harrison instrument. I also have instruments available in the workshop for immediate purchase. At times I may replicate a particular instrument that inspires me, such as Yehudi Menhuin's 'Lord Wilton' Guarneri Del Gesu.

The workshop maintains an archive of instrument casts, photographs, notes and measurements of these superb instruments. This information is vital to do successful copies. Through my membership with the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers I have had opportunities to study many of the world's finest concert instruments, as well as those that come through my shop.

When a player commissions an instrument we discuss model, tone, playability, comfort and overall look. Once complete the client may take the instrument for a trial before deciding to make the final payment.

By understanding and listening to players requests and ideas, I am driven to produce great playing instruments.

Once a player decides to purchase an instrument, the relationship does not end there. I give adjustments for the first year at no cost. This ensures the instrument is performing at its best. As the years continue, I always give customers with Harrison instruments continuing great service.

Please feel free to contact us and we can help find your ideal instrument.